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Winter 2022

Happy New Year! I'm aware January is almost over but I'm still taking this as a win that I managed to send this post out while it was still January. As some of you may be aware, I started my Honours last year and it has been super exhausting. I finished my data collection 2… Continue reading Winter 2022

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Fall 2020 Roundup.

A comprehensive list of where I am with the Summer 2020 lineup. These are either complete, ongoing in my watch-list, on hold or I just haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I love lists so I've found that this format for seasonal anime updates is ideal for me! 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni… Continue reading Fall 2020 Roundup.

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Umibe no √Čtranger: Thoughts and Impressions.

By now, I'm hoping that you guys have realised that I've slotted myself as a fan of the BL genre. I discovered it fairly recently and I am hooked. If you want manga recommendations, I suggest Blue Sky Complex and Koimonogatari. Do not ask me where I read them. We all know the answer. Umibe… Continue reading Umibe no √Čtranger: Thoughts and Impressions.

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Fall 2021.

*Updated 10/10/2021 Sweater season is upon us! Not really because it's Spring in Melbourne but somehow still feels like it's the middle of Winter. I've had hail in my area the past 3 days and my motivation levels sunk so quick! How do people get things done in cold weather? I just wanna read with… Continue reading Fall 2021.


Webtoon Recommendation: Your Throne.

From my last Webtoon Recommendation, you guys know I love a good plot with an isekai villainess. Your Throne falls somewhere along that line except that it's SO MUCH BETTER. Please note that there will be spoilers below! Set in the Vasillios Empire, the story follows Medea Solon of the House of Solon, a duchy… Continue reading Webtoon Recommendation: Your Throne.