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Spring 2020 Roundup.

*Updated 04/07/2020, 2:45PM. A comprehensive list of where I am with the Spring 2020 lineup. Please keep in mind that some anime are ongoing, some are on hold, some are postponed, and some I just haven't gotten around to watching yet. I've also held back on some of my thoughts cause, well, I either haven't… Continue reading Spring 2020 Roundup.

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Summer 2020.

I'm a little late posting this, considering how Fire Force has already aired its first episode for season 2 and then there was also postponed shows to consider along with the new ones.... and then some of the summer ones got postponed and it's just been a wild ride, I think we can all agree… Continue reading Summer 2020.

Anime, Spring 2020, Updates/Personal

Calling Anime Cartoons: An Opinion.

I'm just going to clarify that 'An Opinion' refers to my opinion. So, a few weeks back, I had a friend who wrote in our little group chat something along the lines of "anime is basically cartoon" and I immediately felt my hackles rise. Now, if I was the same person from a year and… Continue reading Calling Anime Cartoons: An Opinion.

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Tower of God Episode Guide: Webtoon and Anime.

Hello My fellow Regulars! (or Irregulars, or Rankers. Whichever you prefer, I don't know how far you've climbed). As you know, Webtoon's Tower of God has been adapted into an anime (streamed by Crunchyroll) and season 1 is officially over! I got into the fandom last December when Webtoon had an event for 'climbing the… Continue reading Tower of God Episode Guide: Webtoon and Anime.

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The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Series Review and Summary.

Ah yes, this anime. The little rascal of the season. When starting this show, I was understandably hesitant since a somewhat similar show I watched last *cough* Kyoto Teramachi *cough* was sub-par at best. But oh boy was this an experience! I spiralled into the abyss of this fandom and still find myself trying to… Continue reading The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Series Review and Summary.