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Great Pretender
Anime, Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Review: Great Pretender.

I can see 'Great Pretender' easily become one of my top anime shows for 2020. A major factor may be that it had me reminiscing about one of my favourite TV shows ever, White Collar. I often find myself drawn to shows that are mentally stimulating. It's always exhilarating to see a complex plan play… Continue reading Spring 2020 Review: Great Pretender.

Anime, Summer 2020

God of High School: Webtoon and Anime Episode Guide.

My plan for this post was to watch each episode of God of High School and then compile an episode guide for it, similar to what o did for Tower of God but.... *Holds head in hands* This is a failure. This is such a failure. There was so much content left out! Chunks of… Continue reading God of High School: Webtoon and Anime Episode Guide.

Anime, Summer 2020, Updates/Personal

Summer 2020.

I'm a little late posting this, considering how Fire Force has already aired its first episode for season 2 and then there was also postponed shows to consider along with the new ones.... and then some of the summer ones got postponed and it's just been a wild ride, I think we can all agree… Continue reading Summer 2020.