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Dororo Episode 10 Recap.

The Story of Tahomaru.

Ah, yes, the brother. In this episode, we mostly follow Hyakkimaru’s younger brother, Tahomaru.

But before all that, let me introduce the monster/Demon for this episode. Meet Bakemonogani, an aquatic monster/Demon:

Screenshot (72)
Bakemonogami (who even names them?)

Palace Daigo is in trouble ATM. There’s a drought and people of Asakura are gathering an army at the border. He goes to the Hall of Hell (because where else would you go in times of trouble?) and sees that quite a bit of the statues are now split in half. He confirms that it is indeed Hyakkimaru who has slain the Demons and is trying to get his organs and senses back.

Tahomaru (whose hair is quite amazing, btw) takes this chance and orders his two bodyguards, Mutsu and Hyogo, to find out what they can about the baby. Oh, before any confusion arises, the bodyguards are dudes, brothers in fact. I know. The shock was real.

Daigo is deep in thought when Tahomaru comes up to him and asks about the baby Daigo’s been looking for. Daigo gets really angry and Tahomaru runs to his peaceful spot. His two bodyguards come after him and I feel a little sad for Tahomaru as we get a glimpse of him as a tiny tot. His two bodyguards were always with him and were the ones to look for him whenever he was sad while his parents were too busy with their issues. He was also quite an adorable child.

Tahomaru has some sugoi kami.


As they are going back to Palace Daigo, Tahomaru and his bodyguards find out about Bakemonogami. They try to defeat the Demon buuuuuut it doesn’t go too well and they all retreat. Tahomaru is a little down, but then promptly cheers himself by proudly proclaiming that the land Daigo rules over used to be in a horrible condition but his father had changed all that and the land was now prosperous (oh you blissfully ignorant child). He thinks of an incredibly clever plan and it almost works.

Unfortunately for Tahomaru, Bakemonogami manages to break his trap and the situation turns dangerous for everyone involved. One of Tahomaru’s bodyguards are about to be eaten by Bakemonogami but fear not! Just in the nick of time, Hyakkimaru comes out of nowhere and kills it! Can you feel the brotherly love? It’s fate at work.

Tahomaru is left wondering who killed Bakemonogami as everyone retreats.

Also, Nuinokata has just been praying to the headless Goddess of Mercy statue for the entire episode and, like, I have nothing against you lady, but I don’t think that’s going to work. You husband has literally made a deal with Demons. Praying might be a liiiiiittle late now.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Dororo and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.


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Mo Dao Zu Shi Episode 4

Water Ghouls.

Every Single week the animantion and scenery leaves me in awe. Every. Single. Week. I think we can all agree that I love and adore the animation and backdrops of ‘Mo Dao Zu Shi’ so I’m going to try and stop mentioning them in every single recap (TRY being the operative word). Just look at Caiyi Town. IT’S GORGEOUS!

2018-09-17 (1)

We haven’t met Jiang YanLi yet but it’s clear that bothers Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian think the world of her and truly care for her when Wei WuXian mentions that shijie would love the ice desert and they should bring her to try it. Jin Zixuan couldn’t have been more obvious about not wanting to marry Jiang YanLi even if he’d tried. I agree with calling him Brother Peacock. It suits him.

Nie HuaiSang trying to diffuse that situation despite being shy and ‘cowardly’ (lol, those of us who’ve read the novel know better) was hilarious and adorable.

We also get to see how perceptive Lan Huan is when it Nie HuaiSang trying to diffuse that situation despite being shy and ‘cowardly’ (lol, those of us who’ve read the novel know better) was hilarious and adorable.v to Lan Wangji. He immediately recognised that he had wanted Wei Wuxian to come along on the excursion, despite stating that Wuxian would be of no use. That’s big brother Lan for you!

The fight with the water ghouls was exciting and breathtaking. The Twin Jades of Lan don’t fight. No. They dance elegantly and the ghouls go away from the sheer beauty of it. That’s how I saw it, okay?

Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian are not to be outdone either. Their teamwork is brilliant and it’s easy to see the trust between them from how well they coordinate with each other. But the highlight of the fight is definitely the boat flip. Wei WuXian saving his future husband from nasty ghouls #swooning

I’m so glad they put the sword joke in about Suibian. Wangji’s face was priceless! Though I do feel a little bad for him always being subjected to Wei WuXian’s teasing.

The rescue scene was quite intense. I felt like the part where Wei Wuxian reaches up to Jiang Cheng with the sun shining behind him but unable to completely reach him foreshadows their relationship and what’s to come. Wei Wuxian falls in and reacts to the resentful energy in the lake (THIS WAS NOT IN THE NOVEL) but before anything major happens, Wangji saves him despite not liking getting wet/dirty (as seen during the boat flip scene). I think this serves as a confirmation that Wangji does have some form of feelings for Wei WuXian.

Favourite Dialogue:

“Wangji, I see you want loquats, why not buy a whole basket?”

“No”. -The Lan brother’s while returning to Cloud Recesses after dealing with the water ghouls.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views on Mo Dao Zu Shi and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions are welcome.

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Anime News!


Given is getting a tv adaptation. I REPEAT! Given is getting a tv adaptation!

Those familiar with Kizu Natsuki’s works would be aware that Given is a music-themed BL manga that centres around a band that has 4 members; Mafuyu, Uenoyama, Akihiko and Haruki.

The manga is known for its heart wrenching but addictive storyline and it’s adorable characters.

Ever since I read the very first chapter, I’ve been wondering when, and if, the manga would get an adaptation because it deserves one. It is one of my favourite mangas (still ongoing though) and I’m so excited to see this finally appear as an adaptation!!

It starts in July 2019 and I can’t wait for it! After hearing the news, I finally feel like I can somehow make it through this trimester!

Visual for ‘Given’

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5 Recap.


This was a really, really entertaining episode.

The beginning is a bit mysterious where a Queen of a neighbouring place finds out from her servants about what I’m guessing is the duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu.

The scene then moves to the Palace where the king is giving out rewards to the heroes and tries to cheat Naofumi of what little amount he’s being given. Ren and Itsuki speak out and the King is forced to give Naofumi the money. Naofumi is angry with how he’s being treated and moves forward but Raphtalia stop him, cheerfully insulting the King and the Palace before heading out.

Screenshot (68)
Raphtalia being a BAMF pt. 2

The two then go to the slave merchant, where Raphtalia gets her seal again as a show of her loyalty towards Naofumi. The slave merchant also gives them an egg which is a part of some kind of monster lottery. They then go to the medicine shop and a magic shop where relatives of the people from Lute village help them out by giving them a book on medicine and a grimoire.

Naofumi and Raphtalia then head to Lute village where the egg hatches and out comes… guessed it! Filo the Filolial! The newest member of Naofumi’s party!

Screenshot (69)

In just two days, Filo grows into a bird that Naofumi is able to ride. This is also when news is given that Motoyasu is the new Lord of the area. He places a huge tax on the village and Naofumi protests which leads the villagers to protest as well but not much else can be done as it’s a Royal Decree. Just as the villagers are about to be attacked by the knights due to their protests, the servants of the Queen from the neighbouring place appear and hand a scroll to Myne which leads her to declare a race between Naofumi and Motoyasu for the right to rule Lute village.

Naofumi refuses but the villagers convince him. I loved the race portion and if I could provide a video, I would. Myne tries to cheat once again but Naofumi wins. Motoyasu and his party are forced to leave. I should also mention that I love Filo because just as the race is about to begin, Motoyasu insults her and she kicks him where it counts. Let’s just say that I’m slightly worried about Motoyasu’s reproductive abilities but I won’t be crying if it turns out he can’t have children. I’ll be celebrating the fact.

Screenshot (70)
Filo hitting Motoyasu where it counts.

The villagers want to give money as Naofumi’s reward for winning but he refuses, stating that he doesn’t want anyone to later claim that he took their village rebuilding money. Instead, Filo directs his attention towards a carriage.

Raphtalia gets motion sickness in the carriage and the party rests for the night with Filo snuggling up to Naofumi. In the morning, Naofumi and Raphtalia find a small, blonde, and cute little girl, cuddling up to Naofumi. The two are shocked and wonder who she is but I think we’ve all seen enough anime to know that it’s Filo!

Screenshot (71).png
Filo as a human.



Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Tate no Yuusha Nariagari aka The Rising of the Shield Hero and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 4 Recap.

Lullaby at Dawn.

Whew! What a rollercoaster this episode was! But before we go on, I’d like to give out two awards to two very important people.


2019-03-11 (5)
Myne/Malty: Winner for Bitch of the Season.

I wanted to make it Bitch of the Year but there’s more anime coming up and some other character might surprise me. I usually try not to curse in my posts but, man oh man, sometimes you can’t avoid it.


Screenshot (66)
Motoyasu Kitamura: Winner for Asshole of the Season.

Victory is yours Motoyasu, for being an asshole that is. It was a tie between “Asshole of the Season” and “Most Delusional” but the delusional one went to Daisuke from ‘Revisions’.

Moving on!

The episode starts with a banguet being held in honour of the heroes’ victory against the Wave. Naofumi attends reluctantly because of the reward. In the middle of it all, Malty decides to play Chinese Whisper and tells Motoyasu that Raphtalia is being held as a slave against her will and he challenges Naofumi to a duel. If he wins, Raphtalia goes free and if Naofumi wins, things will stay as they are. Naofumi brushes it off and Raphtalia tries to clear things up but they twist her words and gag her. Because that’s so much better when compared to how Naofumi treats her (eyeroll).

This forces Naofumi’s hand and the two duel. It is evident that Naofumi has the upper hand and I absolutely love how Naofumi owns his ‘villain’ personality. the highlight of the fight, for me, was when Naofumi uses the balloon monsters against Motoyasu. I couldn’t stop laughing at how bewildered and flustered Motoyasu became.

Screenshot (65)
Naofumi owning the fight.
Screenshot (64)
Shield Hero Secret Skill: Balloon Monster Attack.

And of course no one could bear to see the Shield Hero win so Myne ‘helps’ by using her magic against Naofumi. This allows Motoyasu to pin down Naofumi and his win is declared. Naofumi protests but soon learns that the duel was all staged. Myne is the King’s daughter and the entire duel was set up so he would lose. Raphtalia’s slave seal is removed and Naofumi falls into despair.

But, above all ladies and gentlemen, the Curse Shield is now unlocked!!!!

Though before anything bad happens, Raphtalia slaps Motoyasu! Ah, that was so satisfying, I was hoping it’d be a bit more loud but *sigh* I’ll take it.

Screenshot (67)
Raphtalia is a BAMF.

Raphtalia then goes on to ask if Motoyasu would be able to do the same things Naofumi has done for her. If he’s capable of taking in a sick demi-human, feeding them, nursing them and protecting them?

Motoyasu stutters his affirmation and Raphtalia then asks him that if that’s the case, why doesn’t he have any slaves in his party. Motoyasu can’t answer her. Ren and Itsuki interfere and confirm that Myne indeed cheated and that the fight was Motoyasu’s loss.

Raphtalia then goes to Naofumi and reassures him that she’s loyal to him and even if the world is against him, she’ll tell them of how kind Naofumi was to her. The Cursed Shield then calms down and Naofumi finally sees Raphtalia as a grown demi-human. He is also able to taste again and enjoys a sandwich made by Raphtalia as she encourages both of them to do their best!


Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Tate no Yuusha Nariagari aka The Rising of the Shield Hero and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 3 Recap.

Wave of Catastrophe.

Ah, yes, the arrival of the first Wave. Fun.

Raphtalia has grown up quite a bit from the last episode and Naofumi has been unlocking different shields and skills that he can no longer keep track of them. The first Wave is almost upon the kingdom and Naofumi wonders out loud about how things would be easier and he could make a plan if he just knew where the Wave would strike. Elhart then directs Naofumi towards the Dragon Hourglass that transports the heroes to wherever the Waves appear (because none of the other ‘heroes’ bother telling Naofumi anything! The arrogant assholes!)

Raphtalia and Naofumi in Elhart’s shop.

Ugh, I’d thought that if I ever saw the faces of the other ‘heroes’ it’d be too soon and, unfortunately, we come across them when Naofumi and Raphtalia visit the hourglass. Motoyasu tries to get Raphtalia on his team and Raphtalia almost finds out about the rumours regarding Naofumi but Naofumi intervenes and leaves with Raphtalia. I had mixed feelings about how Naofumi didn’t make any comments or face off verbally against the other ‘heroes’ even though he was seething with rage. I’m proud of him not being part of their drama but I also live for drama so I was a little torn.

Raphtalia is a little uneasy about the relationship between the other ‘heroes’ and Naofumi and attempts to ask him about it but Naofumi shoots it down because, as far as his experience goes, no one believes him anyway.

But Raphtalia, bless her soul, reassures Naofumi before they’re transported to the first Wave that she’ll fight with him as she’s his sword.

2019-03-11 (2)
Naofumi and Raphtalia after being transported to the Wave.

The other heroes immediately rush to where the boss monster of the Wave is and shoots a flare to indicate their position to the knights. Naofumi is about to follow but Raphtalia directs his attention to the village of Lute and its people. Naofumi is concerned about about whether the villagers have evacuated and makes his way to Lute with Raphtalia.

Raphtalia helps in evacuation and Naofumi tries to lure the monsters away. The villagers are inspired by how Naofumi is fighting to save their village and want to fight with him but the mosters prove to be too big a challenge. Raphtalia joins in instead and the villagers evacuate.

The duo struggle with the vast amount of monsters when a rain of fire comes down and destroys the village. It turns out that it was the doing of the royal knights who didn’t care whether anyone was in the village or not. Raphtalia is livid and is ready to fight but Naofumi tells her to stand down. The knights continue being arrogant when Naofumi comments that he’d be fine with seeing them being eaten by monsters and he won’t raise a finger to help them.

But, Naofumi being Naofumi, saves the arrogant knight from the monster. Naofumi tells them to use the time he’s giving them to get in formation but the knights ignore him and make their way to the other 3. One of the knights sees that the Shield Hero is doing all he can to save the village and he, along with a few others, assist him.

Meanwhile, the other 3 manage to defeat the boss monster. The sky clears up and the wave is over. The knights stroke their ego more and tell them that the king has a reward for them for a job well done.

The villagers of Lute are tending to their injured and express their gratitude towards Naofumi, who is stiff and aloof during the exchange. As the villagers leave Naofumi and Raphtalia, Naofumi compliments Raphtalia and they share a touching moment.

In the cathedral, The Dragon Hourglass turns over and the countdown for the second Wave begins.



Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Tate no Yuusha Nariagari aka The Rising of the Shield Hero and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.




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Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu Final Thoughts.

This was supposed to be episode by episode but hear me out, I binge watched episodes 3 to 13 and forgot to analyse them and note down what I liked, dislike, etc. episode by episode so I just combined them all into one!

So, by now we’re all aware that Seiya is my fave boi in this series. I mean, yeah, Minato may be the protagonist and has a talent for archery and all but Seiya almost always hits the target! (Well, except when he’s facing his inner turmoils about archery but I think he gets a free pass for that).

I wasn’t too happy with Shuu or Masa-san questioning Seiya about his love of archery. I mean, the boy doesn’t miss! He might not love archery but archery sure loves him! (I am aware of my bias here, please don’t judge). I believe Masa-san was trying to help but kinda made it worse accidentally but Shuu was just rude. These confrontations get Seiya so shaken up that he even ignores Minato. It doesn’t last very long though as Minato helps Seiya overcome his unsteady state of mind. I love how Seiya boldly tells Shuu that he’s no longer following Minato but shooting with him. Shuu is Shuuketh by the claim (pun, pun, pun). He also makes it known to Masa-san that he might not like his personality but he acknowledges his archery ability.

Screenshot (53)
Seiya smiling but being ruthless.

By the end I also start to appreciate Nanao and Onogi. They have a dynamic between them that’s only achieved by trust and being together for years. Onogi might not approve of Nanao’s behaviour at times or like Nanao’s hobbies but he’s aware of them and respects them. This is seen where Nanao tells Minato that even though Onogi doesn’t know alot about baseball, he bought Nanao a baseball hat for his birthday. On the other hand, Nanao helps Onogi face himself when he becomes too stubborn.

Masa-san’s background about his grandfather was real shock. He’s so kind and cheery that I’d never imagine he had such animosity towards his grandfather. By the end I think he finds some closure in the form of his grandfather’s old friends but I think he needs more time to heal and accept that his grandfather passed away before he could make amends. I’m glad that he decided to coach the club and to see that he’s such a huge influence on the members of the club. His accident before the finals really shake up the members, especially the boys, but they take all of Masa-san’s teachings plus their own determination and fight on.

Kudos to Rika and the other girls for holding the boys together. Also, how cool is Rika? I was really upset to see she didn’t make it through to the finals but I have hope for her future!

I think Ryouhei also deserves a mention because that boy is too precious. He’s such a pure soul and all he wants to do is help the people around him. He tries to get along with everyone and does his best to diffuse any tension due caused by his blunders. He also goes to great lengths to learn and understand Minato’s target panic. I also love how he’s borderline coddled by Seiya with how he’s reassured and comforted by the latter.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the twins from Kirisaki with how they made fun of Minato’s target panic. Kinda ironic how one of them developed it during the final match.

But Minato shined through in the finals.

Screenshot (54)
Minato realises the purpose of everyone’s firing order position.

I absolutely love how whenever there’s an important event or scene in the show, the pretty green leaves apear like confetti.

Minato’s growth in the final two episodes is amazing. He still has his target panic but he realises why everyone was given their position in the firing order. Kaito starts them off and shows them the way, Ryouhei gets his confidence from Kaito’s shot and illuminates the way, Seiya then holds down the center with his cool head and finally, Nanao fires things up again in preparation for Minato.

I also loved Minato’s commentary on his team member’s firing styles about how Onogi is really sensitive and only fires when everything feels right to him, how Ryouhei is at his best when he puts his heart into it and his focus is perfectly on his target, how Seiya takes every gesture with ease and wastes no movements as if he’s drawing a vertical line with a brush, and how Nanao is easygoing and there’s no tension in him while firing.

I’m glad Minato realised that in the end, if he misses, someone else will shoot and if someone else misses, he’ll shoot for them and that archery is meant to be done as a team. The boys celebrate their win in camaraderie and good faith.

Screenshot (56)
Kazemai High School Archery Club: Boys’ Team.

There’s no news on season 2 yet but I have hope. I will be keeping a look out for further news on the series and will definitely be watching season 2.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views on Tsurune and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions are welcome.