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Fall 2019.

For some reason, I thought I wouldn't be picking up many new shows this season, my MAL list says otherwise. I feel like Summer 2019 went by in a flash and I spent it in a daze. I fell behind on posts during my vacation at the beginning of the season and never really caught… Continue reading Fall 2019.


My Very First Real Neat Blog Award!

You guys! Can you imagine waking up to an email that's asking you to moderate a link only to find out you've been nominated, for the first time ever, for the Real Neat Blog Award?! I'm so excited that I'm legit buzzing with energy! A HUGE THANK YOU TO CROW'S WORLD OF ANIME!!! I was… Continue reading My Very First Real Neat Blog Award!

Anime, Summer 2019

Isekai Cheat Magician Final Thoughts.

Before starting this anime, I'd promised myself that I wouldn't compare it with another isekai show which had just ended when 'Cheat Magician' began *cough* Shield Hero *cough*. But I did, I 100% did it. I couldn't help but compare them and I have things to say (which is why this post is currently in existence).… Continue reading Isekai Cheat Magician Final Thoughts.

Anime, Fall 2019

Ahiru no Sora: Episode 4.

First Flight.After episode 4, I feel silly for having doubts about the show two episodes back. I am now 100% all-in for Ahiru no Sora.I was so appreciative of Sora's mother this episode. What an absolute badass woman! Not only as she on Japan's national women's basketball team but she was so encouraging of Sora's… Continue reading Ahiru no Sora: Episode 4.

Anime, Fall 2019

Ahiru no Sora: Episode 3.

Momoharu's Wings. Now that we're starting to get into the reformation of the boys' basketball team, the show finally gave me what I wanted! This episode had team bonding (ish)! It had rivals (ish)! And NO ECCHI!! Well, unless you count Sora's naked stunt... The episode begins with Momoharu trying to wrap his head around… Continue reading Ahiru no Sora: Episode 3.

Anime, Fall 2019

Ahiru no Sora: Episode 2.

Boys Without Talent. Freaking delinquents, amiright? Picking up from the last episode, Sora is just about to shoot when Momoharu's lackey kicks him... and then proceeds to ask if it's against the rules when one of the girls' team members reprimand him. Like, I know it's part of the plot/source material and all but do… Continue reading Ahiru no Sora: Episode 2.

Anime, Fall 2019

Ahiru no Sora: Episode 1.

The Ugly Duckling. In the beginning moments of episode one, the thought that crossed my mind was, "ah, so it's Kuroko no Basuke meets Haikyuu." Turns out, it's actually not and that I might have to reign in my imagination and wild predictions. Kurumatani Sora is a tiny boy with big dreams. He enters high… Continue reading Ahiru no Sora: Episode 1.

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Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin: Unaired Episodes.

Episode 14: Lonely Vampire and Episode 15: Beneath the Cherry Tree Forest in Full Bloom. *furiously slaps the table* WHAT WAS THAT?? WHAT WAS THAT, SERIOUSLY?? BRING BACK SAKURA!! ...... Now that I've somewhat gotten that out of my system, I can move on with the recap. I have to say that I was a… Continue reading Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin: Unaired Episodes.