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Dororo Episode 9 Recap.

The Story of the Merciless.

Well, Hyakkimaru seems to be enjoying his nose.

Screenshot (57)
Hyakkimaru sniffing some flowers.

Dororo gets sick in this episode and Hyakkimaru takes her, yes, her, to a temple for treatment. (If you read my previous recaps, you’ll see I’ve avoided using gender pronouns for her because I was waiting for the big reveal since I knew it was coming so SURPRISE to all of you who didn’t know).

Hyakkimaru has also started to speak and I’m so proud and happy for him!

Though it’s a little broken, he manages to get his point across that Dororo is sick when he’s asking people for help.

Dororo wakes up as a kind nun is treating her and she’s frantic for Hyakkimaru, exclaiming that he’ll leave her behind. The nun assures Dororo that Hyakkimaru’s gone to fetch some water and she calms down a little. Dororo also mentions her parents in this episode and I felt a flashback appearing any moment. I was not disappointed.

Dororo’s father, Hibukuro, was the leader of, well, I guess you can say the equivalent of what we call a ‘gang’ these days. They beat up samurai’s and stole from them because why not?

I’m sure there’s a reason because Daigo is mentioned and I’m down for anyone beating up his samurai.

All jokes aside, to be completely honest, the actual reason is to “teach them a lesson” but it feels wishy-washy to me because the samurai have Lords, it’s the Lords who probably order them to do things so why not go after the Lords?

Screenshot (59)

The samurai don’t take Hibukuro and his gang’s rebellion very well. They are able to find Hibukuro’s gang and kill majority of the members. Hibukuro rounds up more men and continue their crusade of raiding/harming samurai only. Itachi, a shady looking fellow, tells Hibukuro that it’s time to look at the future and that a Lord would give him a very good position, considering his men are doing so well.

Now remember what I said about samurai having Lords? If they join the Lord, won’t they be the same? I may be wrong in the logistics of it but it sounds counter-productive to me.

Ojiya, Dororo’s mother, seems to be the only one with a good head and tells off Itachi. Hibukuro is more straightforward with his answer and punches him. I’m not very good with reading signals but I’m guessing that indicated that Hibukuro’s answer was a resounding No.

Screenshot (61)

Itachi, living true to his shady appearnace, betrays everyone by leading them into an ambush set up by the Lord of the area. He damages Hibukuro’s legs and Dororo’s family fall on hard times where they even raid dead soldiers for survival.

While travelling, the small family comes across a group of samurai burning down a village to clear up a path for some Lord’s soldiers. (At this point, I’m convinced the Lords lack empathy and compassion and their IQ levels probably rival a newborn child’s). Ojiya tells Hibukuro not to do anything but one person recognizes Hibukuro and attacks. Hibukuro manages to kill the samurai but he’s fatally wounded.

Things do not go very well for Ojiya and Dororo after that. They’re hungry and have no shelter. One day, are told by a man that the samurai are giving out food at a nearby temple. At this point you’re probably thinking, “But doesn’t Ojiya hate the samurai? Will she accept food from the samurai?”

Yes, she does hate them, but when the hunger and desperation is real, the morals fly out the window. Plus, she has Dororo to think about as well.

And surprise, surprise, Itachi is one of the samurai giving out food. Ojiya doesn’t have a bowl and asks them to pour the hot food on her hand instead so she can feed Dororo. This part really made me tear up because she’s thinking of her child and not herself even in such trying times. This really depicts what mothers are willing to go through for their child. She’s willingly sacrificing her hands to feed Dororo and I hope Itachi burns in hell.

Eventually, Ojiya collapses in a field of manjusaka (red spider lily) and dies from starvation.

The nun hears the story and prays for both Dororo and Hyakkimaru’s safety on their travels. After 3 days, Dororo feels better and the two set out with Dororo trying to figure out if Hyakkimaru is now aware that she’s a girl.

Back at Palace Daigo, a soldier reports to Daigo that Hyakkimaru may potentially still be alive. Daigo was not too happy about that and as usual, Tahoumaru was lurking and listening in. The lightening made this a very dramatic scene and I officially live for Tahoumaru and his lurking.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Dororo and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.


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