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Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu Final Thoughts.

This was supposed to be episode by episode but hear me out, I binge watched episodes 3 to 13 and forgot to analyse them and note down what I liked, dislike, etc. episode by episode so I just combined them all into one!

So, by now we’re all aware that Seiya is my fave boi in this series. I mean, yeah, Minato may be the protagonist and has a talent for archery and all but Seiya almost always hits the target! (Well, except when he’s facing his inner turmoils about archery but I think he gets a free pass for that).

I wasn’t too happy with Shuu or Masa-san questioning Seiya about his love of archery. I mean, the boy doesn’t miss! He might not love archery but archery sure loves him! (I am aware of my bias here, please don’t judge). I believe Masa-san was trying to help but kinda made it worse accidentally but Shuu was just rude. These confrontations get Seiya so shaken up that he even ignores Minato. It doesn’t last very long though as Minato helps Seiya overcome his unsteady state of mind. I love how Seiya boldly tells Shuu that he’s no longer following Minato but shooting with him. Shuu is Shuuketh by the claim (pun, pun, pun). He also makes it known to Masa-san that he might not like his personality but he acknowledges his archery ability.

Screenshot (53)
Seiya smiling but being ruthless.

By the end I also start to appreciate Nanao and Onogi. They have a dynamic between them that’s only achieved by trust and being together for years. Onogi might not approve of Nanao’s behaviour at times or like Nanao’s hobbies but he’s aware of them and respects them. This is seen where Nanao tells Minato that even though Onogi doesn’t know alot about baseball, he bought Nanao a baseball hat for his birthday. On the other hand, Nanao helps Onogi face himself when he becomes too stubborn.

Masa-san’s background about his grandfather was real shock. He’s so kind and cheery that I’d never imagine he had such animosity towards his grandfather. By the end I think he finds some closure in the form of his grandfather’s old friends but I think he needs more time to heal and accept that his grandfather passed away before he could make amends. I’m glad that he decided to coach the club and to see that he’s such a huge influence on the members of the club. His accident before the finals really shake up the members, especially the boys, but they take all of Masa-san’s teachings plus their own determination and fight on.

Kudos to Rika and the other girls for holding the boys together. Also, how cool is Rika? I was really upset to see she didn’t make it through to the finals but I have hope for her future!

I think Ryouhei also deserves a mention because that boy is too precious. He’s such a pure soul and all he wants to do is help the people around him. He tries to get along with everyone and does his best to diffuse any tension due caused by his blunders. He also goes to great lengths to learn and understand Minato’s target panic. I also love how he’s borderline coddled by Seiya with how he’s reassured and comforted by the latter.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the twins from Kirisaki with how they made fun of Minato’s target panic. Kinda ironic how one of them developed it during the final match.

But Minato shined through in the finals.

Screenshot (54)
Minato realises the purpose of everyone’s firing order position.

I absolutely love how whenever there’s an important event or scene in the show, the pretty green leaves apear like confetti.

Minato’s growth in the final two episodes is amazing. He still has his target panic but he realises why everyone was given their position in the firing order. Kaito starts them off and shows them the way, Ryouhei gets his confidence from Kaito’s shot and illuminates the way, Seiya then holds down the center with his cool head and finally, Nanao fires things up again in preparation for Minato.

I also loved Minato’s commentary on his team member’s firing styles about how Onogi is really sensitive and only fires when everything feels right to him, how Ryouhei is at his best when he puts his heart into it and his focus is perfectly on his target, how Seiya takes every gesture with ease and wastes no movements as if he’s drawing a vertical line with a brush, and how Nanao is easygoing and there’s no tension in him while firing.

I’m glad Minato realised that in the end, if he misses, someone else will shoot and if someone else misses, he’ll shoot for them and that archery is meant to be done as a team. The boys celebrate their win in camaraderie and good faith.

Screenshot (56)
Kazemai High School Archery Club: Boys’ Team.

There’s no news on season 2 yet but I have hope. I will be keeping a look out for further news on the series and will definitely be watching season 2.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views on Tsurune and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions are welcome.


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