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Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2 Recap.

Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki

This was a much lighter and cuter episode than the first, it had its more serious moments but I liked the flow of episode 2 much better!

The episode begins with a hilarious exchange between Tanjiro and a villager over an old basket and some straw. The villager refuses the money offered but Tanjiro insists and pays him anyway!

The basket is for Nezuko. Since she can’t step into the sun, Tanjiro decides to shield her from the sun and carry her in a basket on his back to Mt. Sagiri (they took Giyu’s advice). This section is really, really cute and I loved the interaction between the two siblings!

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As night falls, Nezuko is out of her basket and the siblings come across a temple. This is where the serious part comes in.

Tanjiro rushes in because he smells blood and comes across a horrible sight; a Demon eating the residents of the temple. I was so proud of Nezuko because she’s literally salivating and she must be starving but she doesn’t feed. She is able to gather herself and go to her brother’s aid as he fights off the Demon. Note to self guys, don’t mess with Nezuko, she packs a mean kick. So mean that it beheads the other Demon!! I love the little “eh??” that escapes from Tanjiro when he sees that!

Of course, with the Demon being a Demon, it’s still alive and lively. I found it really amusing when Tanjiro exclaims, “He’s actually talking!” when the Demon asks why a human and demon are teaming up.

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A fight breaks out and Tanjiro takes on the head while Nezuko fights off the rest of the body. During the part where Tanjiro headbutts the Demon, his forehead scar grabbed my attention and I wonder how he got that. I hope you get to know more about it.

While Tanjiro is gathering courage to kill the Demon’s head, Sakonji Urokodaki shows up and does not approve of Tanjiro’s hesitance and of Giyu’s judgement of him.

Yet, Sakonji (who I’m thinking might be grandps from the first episode because of the mask but I may be overthinking it) decides to test Tanjiro. He takes Tanjiro on a run where Tanjiro recalls how all Nezuko did was wait and be patient and Tanjiro reaffirms his resolve.

After the run, Sakonji instructs Tanjiro to leave Nezuko in a hut and takes him up a mountain where he’s left alone and told to make his way down.

Tanjiro feels quite confident he’ll make it because he’s already picked up Sakonji’s scent and can use it as a guide. Unfortunately, the mountain is set up with traps and Tanjiro has difficulty in dodging them.

But, Tanjiro steels himself and uses his keen sense of smell to avoid, dodge or try to minimise the damage he suffers. Tanjiro makes it down in time and Sakonji taken on Tanjiro as a student.


Disclaimer: These are purely my views/thoughts on Kimetsu no Yaiba and they are not meant to hurt anyone or provoke anyone. Discussions/comments are welcome.


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