Anime, Summer 2019

Isekai Cheat Magician Final Thoughts.

Before starting this anime, I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t compare it with another isekai show which had just ended when ‘Cheat Magician’ began *cough* Shield Hero *cough*.

But I did, I 100% did it.

I couldn’t help but compare them and I have things to say (which is why this post is currently in existence).

If you, like me, wish to watch this anime thinking there’s going to be a stellar male lead; I’m afraid you’ll have to turn back.

Taichi, in my opinion, falls flat as an isekai protagonist. I found no dimensions in his character and the way he kept calling his powers a ‘cheat’ was annoying to the very end. Not to mention incredibly cringe-y. My reasoning is that this isekai wasn’t a game, nor did it have game-like features (you know what I’m talking about, that annoying stats and skill menu we usually see). For me, cheats are a characteristic that belongs in games, not a world where there’s magic and where protagonists were summoned by magic.

Taichi’s little speeches that should have shown his resolve and dedication to his cause of protecting his friends was uninspiring at best. Taichi was a character that I had difficulty connecting with and found him to be lacklustre despite all the hype throughout the show about his magical prowess.

However, not all was lost, the female cast more than made up for Taichi.

Lemia, Rin and Muller are the kind of girls I love seeing in anime. They fought and held their own in fights and I am one hundred percent here for it. There was no jealousy or any sort of unnecessary drama between any of the girls, including those who were the ‘enemy’.

Lemia, aka mage of Fallen Leaves, doesn’t just have an awesome name but is quite the magician. She has mastery over 3 elements and is the strongest mage in this new world (excluding Taichi buuuut Lemia is his mentor so we’re not counting him).

Rin and Muller are BFF goals. The two girls fight together, perfectly complementing each other on the battlefield as one attacks while the other defends. I also appreciate how they learn from each other and grow as adventurers.

The anime does have a romantic note in it between Taichi and Rin, however, it didn’t pique my interest. The plot of the show was also quite lacking and frustrating with how slow it progressed and all the shady dealings between some lady who is apparently ‘guiding’ Taichi and her servants/followers.

To conclude, cons: Taichi, the plot, the romance. Pros: the female cast!

Oh, also, I’m mad about Anastasia. I had a theory that she might be Taichi’s wind spirit but apparently not. Add that to the cons too.


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